How do I write an interesting story?

I didnt know what category to put this in please correct me if im wrong.

Anyways, I really want to write a good story but I dont know what to write about. I need some help thinking of a story to do or tips on how to come up with one i tried searching it up on the internet but I really am stuck. Can anyone help me?

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Hey there! I guess I can try and help you :grin:
You can PM and tell me what genres are your favorite and I’ll try to figure something out. :wink:

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Thank you just PM’d you

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I could help too if you haven’t already decided :tipping_hand_woman:

Hey if you still need help I would love to assist you in any way I can! Wether it be directing, characters, or ideas! :blush:

Thank you someone is helping me at the moment you are both welcome to help too :blush:

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