How do I write with a friend?

Hey guys, long time no see!! Recently I’ve been trying to make a story with my friend but to make this happen… I need to know how do I write with a friend? (Co-writing) I’m so confused if this even is possible. Please help asap.

you can have them log into your portal

oh thank u !! :slight_smile:

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People co-write in different ways.
Sometimes one can access the other’s portal, other times they create a separate portal account specifically for the both of them and they utilize that for their co-written stories without giving access to their own portals.
Co-writers can also work together using their own respective portals and then copying and pasting into shared documents etc and from there testing and editing their script(s) for example:
one writer might write the general feel of the scenes and the dialogue + narrations into a document and then shares that document with their co-writer who then pastes it into their script and adds the directing.

It really just depends on what you both think is the best route to take and how many stories/how long you’ll be writing together.

Good luck with your story btw!


oh wow, i see!! me and my friend decided to make a account specifically for making stories together so thank you for that! :slight_smile:

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No problem!