How do i zoom in? Any good templates?


I’m trying to zoom in on a character and can’t find out how. YouTube does not work on me computer for some reason. So does anyone know good templates?


Try @zoom on CHARACTER
If you want a time zoom, do @zoom on character in 1 (or any number.)


thxs! i’ll try that


@cut to zone 2
&MOM walks to spot 0.356 242 367 in zone 2
&MOM faces left
&KAYLA walks to spot 0.356 242 367
(There is a warning here)@zoom on MOM


it didn’t really work


Also if you want to zoom on a specific point(not on a character) you can do @zoom on spot


I wanted to zoom in on a character and it didn’t work


If you wanna zoom on character
@zoom on CHARACTER to X% in Y

X is the scale of zoom
To zoom in it should be more than 100

Y is time in seconds
If you want it to zoom immediatly make it zero


thxs! i’ll try that


You can also zoom on spot
@zoom on X Y to Z% in T
To get the spoy use the zoom helper in directing helper while testing the story
Z is the scale of zooming (again more than 100 to zoom in)
T is time in seconds


omg thxs so much! that is really helpful! if you have and episode Instagram account I can give u a follow if u want.


My instagram account is nb_episode_
I also have a help thread you can comment there if you need help or just send me a message
I’ll be more than happy to help


I spamed u with hearts on ur posts just now


Don’t forget to reset the zoom when you’re done the scene using:
@zoom reset