How do i zoom in onto a character's face in spotlight mode?

Please helpp

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What do you mean a spotlight mode?:thinking:

I don’t think you can zoom into someone’s face on spotlight mode…i might be wrong though

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I don’t think so too :woman_shrugging:t4:

Oof okay. So how do i zoom in on a face regular;y?

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Short explanation

You use the command “@zoom on … … to …% in …”
(The dots are the numbers you use when you zoom in)

Long detailed explanation

When previewing your story, on the right of your screen you will see 5 boxes
Look for the 1 that says directing helper.
Once you have clicked on that it will come with 5 more boxes. You click on the 1 that says zoom helper. Once you have clicked on that you can zoom on any part of the scene/person/thing you want
The ones with a blue line next to it are what you use

Hope the detailed one helped :slightly_smiling_face:

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