How do I zoom out of this?

So I wanted to make a Livingroom scene and it pans to zone 3 but its barely showing the background so I want to zoom out can anyone help me ![Screen Shot 2020-01-24 at 9.12.10 PM|690x431](upload://mLbzwfq9q5aECGXJDrnnVolV7lv.png)

I can’t see your photo, but have you tried writing @zoom reset?

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i tried and it didnt work im so confused

Can you upload your screenshot again?

ok here it is

I don’t know why the error isn’t showing up, but your script is off. All of the dialogue needs to be tabbed over like it is on line 301. And at the part where Jade speaks, the name should be lined up with the others. Try that and see if anything works.


@zoom reset
It should reset the previous zoom you had. If it’s not working, try rechecking any errors in the script, sometimes the littlest mistakes might not be noticed. I would also recommend trying to read it on mobile and see what happens.

I never had a zoom it was just like that and i’ll look on mobile when it charges