How do me and my writing partner write together?

I’ve been wanting to write a story with my friend for a really long time. We’ve figured out the plot and everything, but we just don’t know how to write it and code it ‘together’. For example, do we screen share? Or do we have to Skype to write it? Or does the script automatically save and changes for the other person even without refreshing the whole page? I’m really confused, please help me!

I think it saves and the other person can see it if you guys use the same account I’m not sure

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I use Skype to write with my partner, it works just you can only do the story on one account which sucks

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Even if you save it

Ya, it only works on one for us

Dang that does suck

Ohhhh alright. Thanks so much!

ohhh ok. thank you so much.

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Can you write at the same time? (on the same account)

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I don’t think so, but I’m not sure.

Kk thanks💙

If you use the same account you can see each others changes & ideas. Just make a joint account.

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How to make a joint account?

Same question I ask myself