How do people get access to/make complex backgrounds?

Some stories I’m reading, the backgrounds are SO detailed. Like there are doors and garages that open/close showing the outside background. And they have two different shots of the same background so they can do rear/front scenes. How do people make they’re own backgrounds without paying money for apps like adobe photoshop? I’m really curious because my new story will need a lot of complex backgrounds

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There are many alternative programs for Adobe Photoshop that works too :slight_smile: try Pixlr online. or also apps for tablets like Medibang.
You can check out my backgrounds on my profile and instagram: @tw.episode :slight_smile:

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You can find a background request thread if you need something in particular

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Ibispaint is only 3.99 or 4.99. You can also use it for free, that’s if you want to watch an ad. I only bought it because I use it very often.

You only pay once. It’s not annual or anything. It’s super helpful.

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thanks i’ll try it out

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