How do people make backgrounds?

I know how to upload an image as a background but how do they actually make them?
the style and animation of them, no one can draw like that surely?

I need a kitchen that’s adapted for someone in a wheelchair but with a couple of high shelfs but I want it to be good quality. How do people do it?

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surprise surprise it is called practice. and yes people can draw like that. have you not seen a cartoon before. yes, some are edited. but that again demand practice. it is not something you learn to do in two minutes. also edited mean you have to find all the parts of royalty-free sides.

i myself is a background artist. and no i do not take request only commissions. which are not open right now. and honestly does not matter cause most people on episode won’t pay anyway

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It actually takes alot of time to be able to make an excellent background. But, I’d say that the “atleast” easiest way as a beginner to take copyright-free overlays or cut-outs in episode backgrounds and put them together in a background. Although it isn’t always perfect, with a lot of practice and alot of knowledge in sites you can actually become a great artist.

However, if you want to DRAW the background yourself it would take much more time and would need a lot more practice since you first need to learn lighting, and shading to be able to make a quality background.

Photoshop. Some people do draw backgrounds, but most just edit them.

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Yeah like other people said. I use basic drawing apps to edit mine. I find free images to create mine and some I draw if they are easy! :blush:

Hope it helps and if you need someone to make you a background you can pm me!

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