How do people make the mix outfits

I seen people make outfits where they use dresses with a shirt over. or a shirt with another shirt under. and other stuff. and it won’t work in my story some of it is even the same clothes I seen used in stories, how do people do it

just add the clothing
Like don’t remove anything just add it to the characters wardrobe
But I will say hat some clothing items won’t show when added with another item

there is not actually a reason to not work for you if you use the same clothing.

Maybe you use different? Becouse som do not work like that and cant by layered whyla others can.


Yeah but there is some I have seen layerd in stories but they dont work for me

are you 100% sure you used the exact same combination of clothes?
Because some you cant combine and only way to find out is to test it.

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do you have picture of the original you wanted recreate ?


so what you want to combine and it doesnt work for you?

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