How do people make their text overlays fade in/out?

Hi, I’d really like to know how do people make their text overlays fade in/out?

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It’s done by increasing and reducing the opacity.

For example if we want the text to fade in… it should start as:

&overlay TextOverlayNameHere opacity 0 in 0

Then pause for however many seconds you want the background image to appear without the text for, then you’d type:

&overlay TextOverlayNameHere opacity 1 in 1

Don’t forget to change: TextOverlayNameHere to whatever the name of your text overlay is.

And also change the “in 1” to however many seconds you want.
I just used 1 second as an example, because that’s what I normally use… as I find that it’s usually the perfect amount of time. But if you want it slower you can double it, treble it, etc… or just add an additional half a second by typing “in 1.5” or “2.5” …etc.


Thank you so much! It helped a lot :blob_hearts: :smile: