How do see how many reads my story has?

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How do I see how many reads my story has? It says total chapters read: 0 but people say they read it. ._. basically I wanna know how to check the stats of my story. thanks to anyone who responds XD

On the portal in the pink line above your story is the number of reads. Sometimes it takes a little while for the reads to show, but it definitely shouldn’t take more than 24 hours normally to update reads. You can also see the number of reads above your avatar on the app (for total reads of all stories).

I’m not saying this happened, but if you’re doing R4R I would suggest asking them to send you 1 screen shot from each chapter they read. While I’m sure most people read when they say they will, not everyone is super honest when about the R4R.

It just says 0 there. My story has been up for over a week, and I know people read it because they talked about specific things out of the episodes that I did not mention in the description. :confused:

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If you go to your profile on the app, it will show how many reads you have below your name

Maybe submit a support ticket and ask Episode what may be going on.

What’s your name in Episode?

“The Bright Shadow”

Your story have 0 reads because the people who had read your story, had read only the first chapter. And the first chapter read is never counted as a “read”. That’s even why they don’t take away your pass when you read chapter 1 of a story.


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I thought that the first chapter does count, and what doesn’t count is chapters that do not loop you back to the story page (ie. the last chapter available).


I thought it too but then I discover that it doesn’t count :joy:

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I wanted to test that, so I clicked through just the first chapter of the story ( the one I used for the picture above) without clicking on to the next chapter using my sister’s phone to see if the first chapter counts. My read count went up 1 from 299 to 300.


That’s strange :thinking:it doesn’t happen to me and to my sister…one time I started to edit my old story, I edited the first chapter and label the others chapters so people couldn’t read them and the chapters wouldn’t count as a read and I got 0 reads because like I said before the first chapter doesn’t count…then I edited the second chapter too and I started to get reads.

Who know someone read the second chapter of your story and you got a read​:joy::joy::joy:

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I can confirm the @Purple_Ghost words. I also used to check my story from the other device and first read chapter was counted as a read. :slight_smile:

But I can’t deny the fact that sometimes number of reads seems to be counted incorrectly. And sometimes big delays with updating of number of reads can be noticed. And a one more interesting question is how are the reads for reread chapters taken into account. Are they counted as reads or just ignored?

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