How do some authors on Episode manage to get millions of reads?

Just curious.


they promote it using social media, like insta, tiktok, twitter. (you won’t believe how many episode edits come up on my fyp on tiktok)
oh and getting editors to make edits of your story defo boosts the reads aswell.
and some authors are just old classic authors with a large fan base.


I found this information on the forums

△-Plan your story. This is another crucial part (this is optional but you will have more depth in your story if you plan) to creating a story. I suggest you get a journal and pen and start writing about every character in your story, this includes their past, love interest in the story, enemies etc… I would also suggest planning what happens in the story and how it will end :relaxed:

△ -**Use CC templates and Name Changing Templates.**This is totally optional but using these templates will give your reader a feeling of being involved and more connected with the story. (ill leave some links below if your interested in using these templates.)

☆-Give your reader choices. Choices are veryimportant. If you create a story that has no option for the reader to decided something they’ll most likely feel less involved and you may get hate mail. I would ALSO suggest using little choices so they get more attentive such as: Timed choices, or just a simple closet game.

△ -Come up with a unique story. Obviously if you want to go for the cliche Badboy, Nerd love story, go for it! You do you :heart: I suggest getting inspiration from books, movies or even episode stories! DO NOT STEAL ANYONES IDEA OR STORY LINE. USE STRICTLY AS INSPIRATION PLEASE.

☆-Include Diversity. To include diversity into your story I suggest using templates that allow the reader to choose what gender they are or gender they’re into (again, ill leave a link below if your intrested.) Include characters of all nationalities and sexuality (lesbian, gay, straight, black, hispanic/latino, asian, etc…)

△ -Use sound effects. This is COMPLETELY up to you, although some people may not like it whilst some do you should consider adding it, it really makes the story become more professional and realistic. (If you are worried about getting hate mail for using sound I will put a template below that allows the reader too chose whether or not they want their story to have sound) :musical_note:

△ -Promote your story by hosting competitions. I would suggest not only joining R4R, (Read for Read) but also host competitions such as a competition for whoever draws your cover the best or an art scene. This will gain more attention to your story!

△ -Know what your doing I know A LOT of people (including myself in the past) who have an amazingidea for a story but once they start writing, they realize how complex the coding is, ad trust me, once you know what your doing its as easy as tic tac toe. :relaxed:

△ -Use the point system. This is completely optional and its just a little perk some people like. Im adding in this thread because i think it makes your story look like it was well planned and professional. (AGAIN, ill leave a link to how you can do this.)

△ -Use Instagram. This is optional but its a great way to get self-promotion I definitely recommend using it :))


I dont get it, the unique plot part. To be honest, all the mafia story always trending. In the romance section, drama, and especially action section, it’s full of Mafia story. And honestly, they dont even have any choice other than outfits and makeup choices


I must say that the mafia stories are getting old and it’s all the authors want to do and I must say that mafia stories don’t belong under romance.


Mafia stories belong to the crime genre. They are stories that deal with organized crime syndicates that partake in deeds such as racketeering and gambling.

Mafia story is part of drama and action section.

I agree @Whatever1 @Mai_Chi


I guess it comes down to platforms and exposure, the more followers/networking, the more likely you are to get reads.

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