How do story reviews from Episode work?

HI! I was hoping someone could explain to me how the story reviews from Episode work. I’ve seen other authors get reviewed and I am unsure if this is something I need to request? Or is does it automatically happen as you get more reads? Any clarification would be really helpful as I’m a little lost :woman_shrugging:


Hey there @SophiaMarty, there are two ways for stories to get reviewed: either they get high enough on trending, or they get reported for guideline violations. :smiley:

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Okay, thank you! :smile:

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I think once it’s published, they start reviewing. But that can take 2 weeks. You can send Episode a ticket, I guess. I’m not sure, either.

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Episode is no longer doing reviews by request. :slight_smile: It will only get reviewed if it’s high enough on trending or it’s reported for guideline violations.


Ooh, okay. Thanks for telling me!!


If your story trend in top 100, Episode will review it for by content violations. Once approved it shows up on the app in trending sections.

Another reason they may review it is if your story has been reported multiple times OR if it is considered being placed on a weekly/monthly shelf


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