How do these stories sound?

Ok so, I’ve been planning some stories, because i got locked out of my old account and I was hoping to get some peoples feedback on them! So here they are.

Please don’t take my ideas… they took me a while to come up with.

  1. Whispers
    Genre: romance/supernatura/fantasy
    Summary: Gracia is a shy nerd. She keeps her distance from anything other than school. But Gracia has a secret… what will happen whe the schools emo finds out she’s not like everyone else?

  2. Living with my best friends brother
    Genre: Romance
    Summary: College student, Hailey Tate, lives in an apartment with her best friend. But what will happen when her best friend leaves for a week and her brother shows up on Hailey’s apartment doorstep?

  3. Tarzanna
    Genre: romance
    Summary: Retired archaeologist, Julian (still figuring out his last name haha), decides to numb the pain of his wife.s recent death by sailing the seas with his best friend. But what will happen when they are shipwrecked on an island and come across a girl living on the island?

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3, it’s the only one that sounds intersting, the rest nahhh.

lol, thanks :joy:

I’m still tinkering with them though

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Here’s my honest feedback. 3 is definitely the most unique and intriguing. I’d love to read a story like that.

I really like 2 also, but you would really need to make sure it’s not too cliche. Living with your crush is a very common plot, so find something that makes yours really stand out.

1 is my least favorite. Mainly because the description is a little too vague for my taste. But hey that’s what keeps someone reading :wink:

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yeah I get what you mean, with 1 , the summary needs more tinkering tbh, but when I fix it, it will sound better, it has a plot that I haven’t seen in stories yet. With 2 it’s not her living with her crush, its quite the oppsosite. And 3 I’m really exited about :grin:

When I saw the name of the third, I just thought of the song “Rosanna”, and replaced it with “Tarzana”.


Lol :joy:

I hope you don’t ghost these ideas, especially 3 because the descriptions alone peaked my interest! Im excited to read them someday.

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Okay I feel really dumb because I just got the title. :joy: pretty clever


thanks! And no I wont ghost them, I just wanted peoples opinions on them so I could maybe improve them better in some way

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The concept for number one is quite intriguing, but the description sounds a bit vague and doesn’t tell me enough to keep me hooked.
I’m not a fan of number two. It just seems a little overdone, the whole ‘best friend’s brother’ trope.
Number three seems really unique and interesting, and it’s my favourite out of the three.

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The 1st and 3rd are interesting…
The 2nd is cliche :slightly_frowning_face:

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