How Do U Add Splashes To Ur Story?

I need help adding my splashes to my story, may someone help me?


Hey love you’re profile pic and user name! and of course I can help you what’s wrong are the sizes not good ?

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Thanks! and I just dont know how to put them in my story.

alright here:
goto art catalog

press this

then this

then press select image and you can upload the image

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Thank you!

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if you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask! good luck writing you’re story! xx

Its in review right now, but do I add it in just like a background?

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yeah just like any background ! the script will tell you that there is an error but don’t worry you can continue writing! the error is only there because you can’t publish a story that has unapproved backgrounds ! doesn’t mean you can write though!

Thanks for the help! xx

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I love ur pfp.


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what does it mean when the covers say in review ?

It’s being looked over