How do u create wine glass overlays?

Hello! :heartbeat: How do u create wine glass overlays? How do u make half of the layer transparent and other parts not transparent? I want the glass to be transparent and the wine not…I know the basic knowledge, but this one no.

If you draw your overlays you can use layering and change the opacity of the wine glass to your desired transparency

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OK, I will try thank u :blush: will this work when the overlay starts moving or just for static overlays?

Well you create the overlay in a drawing app. Would you like me to draw one for you?

If you’d like to code them as seperate layers and mive them, you can use the & command and just shift them together separately

Hey, so if you’re using a computer editing program, use the program’s “free select” tool (usually has a lasso or dashed symbol that you can use to draw around an area to select it --instead of a shaped select like square or circle) to select along the wine and around the top of the part that you want to make see through.

From there you would press Ctrl + C to copy your selection-- then press delete to get rid of the selected area – then Ctrl + V to create a new layer with your selection (all the parts you selected and copied will reappear as a floating layer). From there you change the layer opacity and anchor back to your original image.

If you don’t have a program and don’t want to spend the $ for photoshop, Gimp and Krita are good free to download options with a vast amount of tools and filters. :slight_smile: Good luck!

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Thank u for detailed explanation :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank u :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: overlays I think i figure out. If i dont have time…I can ask u,do u create art for free or do i need to pay for ur art? :blush:

Oh no it’s free! Overlays are free, they’re super easy for me to make :slight_smile: you can also search win glass pn transparent on google (find a free site like pixbay to get the image from) and use that.

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