How do u do the split screen when you character do a phone call?

i need help on how you can split the screen with different backgrounds when their my characters are having a phone call. is their a script or something that i can use? or any tips?

The best solution are overlays.

Something like these:

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Hi, can I use them? I’ll make sure to credit you. How do I credit you? Ty


Sure, you can credit me by my Instagram (@Vanessa.h_storys)

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Do you have the overlays for the other part? Sorry for bothering again:)

What do you mean with other part?

Oh like where the other character is in the video chat

Actually you don’t need a second part for those overlays, because you can just add the overlay to a background so you see half of the main background. The character on the left side must be behind the overlay and the character on the right in front of it…

Omgggg right sorry I forgot. Thank you so much:)

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thank you i will have an idea now.

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