How do u make bed sheets?

Cause idk how to

like overlays??

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You can use Ibis Paint, I believe. Did you need one? I can make one for you?

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omg fr aww ty!!

yep! do you have a picture of what you want turned into an overlay?

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umm no

i dont even know what u talking about lol

I thought you needed a bed sheet overlay lol

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oh i do but idk how

like can i use a picture or idk what to do


yeah just send me a photo of it and I will turn it into an overlay as best as I can haha

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so i can pick a picture of bed sheets online and send it to u?? lol im confused

I suppose… I am trying to figure out what you need! Do you need like a background of a bed with some sheets, or like a blanket type of thing ?

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ok so my character is sleeping and i need like a bed sheet on top of her

Perfect! So do you have a picture of a bed sheet you would like to use for that?

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You can also always find some ready to use overlays online, just look up “blanket or sheet png”

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something like the bed sheet cover