How do we get our story to be selected by the episode team

Just curious how does the story get into the editor’s pick choice?.Does episode team searching and read all stories?.

By their Instagram profile. they ask for suggestions to shelfs last one was arab heritage shelf

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For editor’s pick, episode team will review trending stories and they alone decide which stories to feature. It is different from other event shelves where people can recommend on their IG posts.


Thank you for information

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How to make story be trending? .Use gems choices?

Make sure you plan your story in proper, try to avoid cliches, minimise directing mistakes and make your story interesting. You can refer to this thread. You can use gem choices too. In short, make readers love your story and willing to read and spend gems on it.


Gem choices are one way to help your story grow an audience, although many readers might become frustrated with gem choices if there’s too many.

If you want to add gem choices, you could try one or several of these things:
  • “Support the Author!” option at the end of every episode. Dara Amarie has an excellent template for this:
  • Wardrobe option that expands outfit choices for the reader. You’d provide a few options for free, and add a choice to add one or several more outfits.
  • Choices that affect the reader’s experience and/or your stories plot, but not in the guilt-tripping way that official stories do.
Some examples of great ways to add gem choices:
  • Gem choices that give the readers the ability to read through another character’s perspective/thoughts during a scene.
  • Gem choices that give the readers the ability to see a snippet of the past or future.

Most readers are willing to spend some gems on choices if they’re reasonably priced and enjoy the story you’re telling. Take the time to figure out how to tell the story you want to tell, even if it means taking longer to publish it!

If you want to minimize how many gem choices you add, you can also promote your story both here on the forums and on Instagram!

If you're unsure of how to promote your story:
  • If a reader likes your story, chances are, they’ll be interested in updates about new episodes. Instagram is better for posting updates, so I’d recommend creating an account specifically for posting about your stories. (Be sure to include it in your Episode account’s bio!)
  • Find Instagram accounts that post shoutouts or reviews! If other accounts post about your story, there will be readers that might be looking for new stories to read.

I want to remind authors to have fun writing their stories; stories that were fun to write will almost always be fun to read! Readers can tell when you don’t have fun writing, so allow yourself the freedom to write what you enjoy. Know that there will be someone out there that will enjoy what you write, regardless of what that story is about! I hope this comment helps! : D

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Disclaimer: your story doesn’t have to trend, sometimes they pick also stories that weren’t updated for a long time and they don’t trend, so it’s more of searching for stories that are in their preferences at the moment they do “editors” shelves.


Yeah you may be right. I saw old stories by big authors featured. But I asked epi team once and here is the answer.

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Yeah, I saw this probably in their FAQ one time, but I just mentioned my observation about the “trending” factor because not every pick was in the section, so it’s based on what I’ve seen. :smiling_face:

Agree…I read some discontinued stories in Editor’s Pick.

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