How do we know our story is going to featured?

Can someone help me with this?
I’m confused!

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I’m not someone whose story has been featured yet, but Episode would have to contact you first and there would be a contract drawn to allow Episode to use your story


If it’s for a contest, they don’t let you know until the winners are announced and you appear on the shelf.

If it’s to be featured on a shelf that isn’t for a contest, they’ll send you an email letting you know that they’re thinking of featuring you and to make sure that the content is good with the guidelines, etc.

I don’t know what happens if they want to feature your story as an episode official story, though :heart:


After I publish my story or before?

After you publish your story. Episode can’t feature an unpublished story :heart:


Like in how many days you come to know?

If it’s for a contest, it’s when the winners are announced.

If it’s for a shelf, it’s when they have the shelf scheduled.

If episode is buying your story and featuring it as an original, then you need to reach certain reader retention requirements first.


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When I had stories featured on shelves, they always contacted me two days before the shelf went up.


I always get green dot in contest but could find mine… So i’m confused!

Green dot?

You mean the green dot that means a story has been updated?
I got that a lot too, but it seemed really random. Sometimes it wouldn’t appear, despite multiple stories in the contest section of the app having new chapters published. Sometimes it would.
Recently I haven’t seen it.

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