How Do We Our Character Look Like This?


what muscles , they all look like that


you just make the outfit without a shirt on

which you cant if you write on mobile


I believe Episode removed/told the community not to use this athletic body type coding since it’s very glitchy and could mess up the story if readers are reading it. It works fine in this story though. :sweat_smile:


wait it is another body type.

i can see it now. i just thought it was the way he did stand


Someone’s been taking steroids :crazy_face:


Yes, it’s another body type only available in ink.


That seems like the case! :joy::joy::joy:






Sydney! :open_mouth: I’m shocked. 2019 has changed you!


It’s this super glitchy athletic build that they only officially released for featured stories


Are users allowed to get featured.?


Allowed? Of course. A few community authors have been featured. Likely? No. Episode seems to get all of its ideas from Wattpad recently.

But you can still access the body type if you know the correct secret coding


How do we get featured?


Episode has to like your story and approach you, asking you to sell it to them. The likelihood isn’t very high, if I’m honest. There are authors with millions of reads that don’t get featured.


Wow :open_mouth:, Okay Thanks.


I don’t think they do INK featured stories anymore though, so you wouldn’t get access to the athletic body anyway haha.

I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. Even if they ask you in the first place, there’s no guarantee they’ll actually feature your story. Sometimes they ignore you after you sign the deal


Will that’s good. Besides I wouldn’t try to deal with episode. Thanks for the heads up.


Well, it’s a good thing I don’t need their help. I’m very good at coding overlays, so there’s a way I can figure out how to do it.


Check out the link someone provided before! People figured out the coding for that ages ago. I just CBA to use it because it messes up when your character’s wearing a shirt.

If you’re gonna use it, switch body types for when they’re topless and keep the normal body when they’ve got clothes on. Otherwise it’s messed