How do we vote & more


Since I’m still kinda new. I’m wondering how do we do votes?

How do we even make a group link?

Sorry I don’t really know where this goes.


Hello! I made something really quick soooo, sorry it’s kind of messy :sweat_smile:

How to make polls in Episode Forums


Omgg than you so so much!!


It’s the same for group?


What do you mean? You mean group PM in Episode Forums? It works throughout everything on episode forums


How do they do the links? Create it?


Links back to another post or to a website?


Or a story?


To a group site.


Okay, I think I know what you are talking about, on the top of your screen you should see a bar that says what website you are on ( you just press and hold on that than copy and paste into whatever chat you are needing to. You can use this for any site.

Is this what you meant? :thinking:


No I meant how do you make a type of writing group site?


Do you mean to make a website? I still don’t quite understand I don’t know what a group site is


For example what if I want to do a writing group? But I want people to do an application like this:

I just don’t really understand how to do it.


Ooooooohhhhh ok,

How to do that

First: you must go to google forms (you can go their by just searching google forms)

Next: Sign in or make a new google account to start making new forms

Then: You should be sent to your personal drive, where you can access all of your forms!

After That: Make a new form and that’s it!!-
-Start typing in the questions you want people to answer than once you are finished in the top right press ‘Send’ than copy the link and paste it where ever you want!! (As soon as you paste it who ever is in that chat will be able to access it, meaning if it is public everyone can use it)

Hope this made sense!! If it didn’t please tell me! :grin:


Let me just see. :heart:


Hm couldn’t find which website.


It is


I was about to say is it this:




How do I post?