How do writers make episode bgs with their own name?

Hello, I’m curious about how writers change names of episode backgrounds into a different name. I can’t quite explain it but let me try.
Eg: I read a story where the background EXT. JUVIE BELLVUE HOTEL ENTRANCE was changed from Disston to Maxwell, or something starting with an M.

I’m genuinely curious how it was changed. Can anyone tell me? Not that I need it for anything, like I said I’m just thinking :sweat_smile:.

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Hello! I believe they have simply edited it in an editing or drawing software, by blocking in the colour behind the text (in this case, brown) on top of Disston (and « The » if that is the case), found a font that is similar, if not the exact same to the one originally used in the bg, typed out the new text, warped it to the proper perspective and added some shadow and shine.

It can be easily done with any editing or drawing software that is capable of those things to be done!

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Thank you for responding!

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No worries! ^^

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