How do y'all feel about. People flagging accounts

How do y’all feel about that it’s annoying because nobody should be flagged at all and im always getting flagged on here why do people flagg accounts?


Flagging is sometimes a good thing but some take advantage of that power and flag something that is completely on topic. It really depends, like I have only flagged something once since they were promoting a weight loss tips tik tok on a art suggestion thread. So I think that was valid since they were actually spamming but I have been flagged multiple times for multiple reasons. There was only one time that I thought it was fair that they flagged me and that was when I told people to stop calling each other names and it was troll baiting apparently. It was really because “I was doing the moderators job” and I understand why that might be flagged. But another time I was flagged for saying Merry Christmas and they flagged it under spam and being promational. I was just checking on people who may not have been with their families last year. :woman_shrugging: I definitely feel as though flagging should be made harder to do and you should provide proof of what violation they have commited but now it is just a bunch of trolls who flag because of difference of opinion, good humour or they are bored.


Exactly they shouldn’t flagg people’s accounts if they don’t have proof and for no reason there not even telling us what were flagged for what’s the real reason were getting flagged i don’t get it


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Trust @Sydney_H and other admins. They know their work. And they know when someone/something is flagged for a reason or no reason at all. There are consequences. But as said, stop bothering, admins know their job.

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No one is saying they aren’t doing their job
The issue is anyone can flag anything without having to show proof. The person being flagged can’t even defend themselves.
I got flagged for saying I’m sorry for not understanding something
I also got flagged on my own topic because I was agreeing with someone


Lol I never really cared about being flagged. If it gets so bad to the point they’ll suspend me, it doesn’t matter for me I’ll just make a new account. But, yea, people will flag you just for disagreeing with you and that can be hella annoying


Exactly so i don’t know what’s her problem it’s annoying being flagged for no reason

It’s soooo annoying they need too start showing proof

They suspended other accounts of mine because I was sticking up to the racist people on my thread and they called it bullying while letting the racist people off the hook when they we’re the ones starting arguments with all the other POC because they didn’t like what we had to say.


Flagging can be okay when the topic is completely random, and/or offensive to others. However, it sort of suck when you have a thread that is completely fine, yet it had gotten a flag for no reason at all which is disappointing in general.


sydney is not very at their job. just because someone has authority doesn’t mean that they automatically know what they’re doing and are doing a good job. use your brain pls.

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no really. i got suspended for educating racist ppl.


Sydney is taking care of this forum by herself and for that, she deserves only respect (hats off!). And it is completely human to make mistakes, but in that case, you always have dm to contact.

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I know, unnecessary flagging is just plain annoying.

I love that you just came back with a different account and similar profile picture right after being suspended lmao. :joy:

On-topic: I don’t mind the flagging system and I appreciate it, but the response times are quite slow and it seems that a lot of people abuse the feature.


But creating an alt to avoid a ban is against the rules and could get you flagged too :eyes:

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