How do yall plan i’m stuck lmao

So before i code anymore i kinda wanna plan it out so i know what i’m doing. Tho i have no idea how to :joy::see_no_evil:

I was thinking of just planning the first 5 chapters for now. But like what do i focus on and does it have to be really detailed? What do i have to think about when planning characters? Should i write down what backgrounds my mcs houses are going to have? (is that a stupid question)

Im just stuck lol. I’ve been coding on episode for a few years now but i never wrote my own story so the writing/creative part is all new to me :joy:


i usally write do all my ideas on google docs
or in a notebook…

tho not anymore bc im lazy af :woman_facepalming:


Honestly, I didn’t really plan anything in my story lol. I kinda came up with different plots on the spot and wrote them on Episode, which wasn’t very smart cuz I deleted so many episodes so many times. Also, I think it’s very smart if you would write down the MC’s house because I always forget which one it is myself.

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okay thankyou!

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No problem

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Usually I come up with a few “big” events to happen in my story

e.g A party/ a trip to a different country/ a heartbreak/ a death (etc)

I think about what order I want them to happen and when. Let’s say you MC was going to travel to France in two weeks, you don’t have to think about anything else that’s going to happen until you get to that trip, think about what they might need to do in prep for it, they’d probably talk about it in conversations (etc).

It’s defo not easy, I find it tough. But that’s kinda what I do when trying to plan lmao.

Hope this helped in any way :joy:

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it did! thankyou.

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I try to plan in sections. I start with a summarized plot of the entire storyline. From there, you can divide the story into chapters by choosing one important thing that helps progress the story farther in each chapter. Once you’ve established that, you just need to build dialogue and action from that point. I’ll usually write out every line of dialogue and narration before I even start coding. It’s time-consuming, but then you don’t have to worry about trying to write creatively at the same time as trying to code. I hope this helps! :blue_heart:


thank you it does!

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Maybe it’s just me- but I’m writing a script before. Like an actual script. And I’m writing it down with a pen and paper, I found out it really helps me :slight_smile: I get most of my inspirations when I’m listening to music, jogging, and in boring classes xD Just think of ideas and scenes you want to explore and write them down, you can also make a timeline. It helps as well! Good luck :heart:


thank you!

Recently I tried a new method of planing/outlining and it’s working really well so far. After I came up w/ a vague description, genre and characters I outlined the exposition and conflict. From there I basically just started writing down whatever ideas came to mind. (I organized it a little but just so I’d know the chronological order of things). I wrote about a. page and a half of stuff which translated into 5 episodes. For some reason, planing episode by episode really demotivates me, but this method helped a lot. After I wrote the three episodes I wrote another page of ideas and started on episode 6.
Anyway, I think planing characters before you do anything else is important because as an author it helps to know your character’s motivations so you can write their actions accordingly.
Whether it should be detailed or not is up to your personal preference. Sometimes it helps to start with a really basic outline then to expand on areas you think need it.

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