How do you add a lot of people in the background?


So I want to put my characters in a party but, I dont know how to add lots of people on the back. How do I do that?


I add a ton of people. Like fifty. Then I will use the previewer to move them to where I want.


Are they your characters or random?


Some are important and some are random.


So how do I put random people? Do I have to create them, as characters?


Yes. Or use the new fast feature where in your script you do

@randomperson (which isn’t one of your characters) starts tdrjkkiddh

Then, after you save, you can create the character.


So putting @randomperson as many times as I want?


Ok, so I sort of cheat this a bit because I hate coding heaps of background characters, and I upload a background with maybe 12 characters already placed, then I only need to code in 4 or 5 background characters to make the party look as if it’s packed


No. It needs different names every time.


Oh. That’s an awesome idea too.


How do you do that?


So put @randomperson1 and then 2 and then 3?


I can make the background for u. Just send the background and I’ll add the character


Ok thanks, I will


Not only is that an awesome idea, but people who have slow or laggy devices will love you ahahhaa.

I used to pack my backgrounds with characters but I found that I’d get a lot of fanmail saying that the scenes crashed so now I try to be more conservative.


Screenshot the characters doing what I want and then place them.

This is an example from one of my stories




Yes, I started doing this when I started using LL because not only is it exhausting to spot direct characters, but I struggled so much when testing the scene because they were so laggy!


Ugh limelight is the worst :sob:
So many people have told me that my LL story crashed even if there were only like 5 characters in that scene lol.


5 characters? Yikes! That’s bad :disappointed_relieved: