How do you add and remove bruises, if you put them on your male character?

How do you add & remove a facial feature on your male character (bruise)

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You have to make 2 outfits. One with the bruise, one without the bruise. Then when you want to add the bruise, you put on the outfit that has the bruise on it. When you want to remove the bruise, you put on the outfit that doesn’t have a bruise. :smile:

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ok, thank you so much!

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HI, I have another question: when you are writing stories, does the app up dates with better graphics and tools to use to make your story? If so
how do you update? I’m writing my story and using Google chrome book. Anything I download goes straight to my phone.

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I’m not sure. The writers portal updates itself and then whatever you read it on updates when you download the new update. :blush:

ok, thanks so much! :slightly_smiling_face:

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