How do you add gems to your choices?


How do you do that? I just noticed that you could when I was editing my story. How do you apply it? And how does it help you? What happens when you put gems in your stories? Aside from the reader using them.


You have to be part of the writer payments program.


You can just type in this

< GEMS >“Choice 1”{

}“Choice 2”{

}“Choice 3”{



If you go the Episode guides (located next to my stories and art catalog at the top of your Writer’s Portal), on the side you can find Gem Choices. Select that and there are two subheadings for it- Coding Gem Choices & Guide to Writing Good Gem Choices. Click on Coding Gem Choices to see how it’s done:

@LorSalso55 , you don’t have to be part of the Writer’s Payment Program to use gem choices. Read this (from the Episode guides):

And check this thread out:

Regarding this:

@Davidcrvz , I believe a gem choice needs to have 2 things- the tag GEMS, as mentioned above in the Episode guides article regarding this, and a name for it, so it would look something like this:

choice (NAME)
< GEMS >“Choice 1”{

}“Choice 2”{

}“Choice 3”{


Anyways, have a great day and good luck with everything! :black_heart:


I was jut saying how to put the gem choice but okay… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yes, I know but when you type it in that way, it gives an error that says:

You forgot to name your premium choice! Please add (ChoiceName) after the choice command.


I mean yeah I know that cause I used the gem option once. Guess I forgot to include that their. Oh well :man_shrugging: Thanks for correcting me though