How do you add overlays?

How do you add the book overlay to your stories (the back of the book) because when i use the animation the book is the included so do I have to make my own overlay

@add prop to character
I’m not sure the book is available as a stand alone prop though…
You might have to create the book overlay :thinking:

Btw I’m half asleep still so I have no idea if my comment made any sense…
I hope it did though x

It did but I can’t seem to find open books (png) on the web

Someone on the forum recommended Pexels to me last night… You should check it out if you haven’t already.
I use LunaPic to convert file formats x

who is it


were are the overlay’s

They’re stock photos… You have to edit them yourself

but were do you find the photos


on google

It’s not advisable to use images on Google, just search Pexels

oh thx i’ll try
i pick the image and edit it ?

No problem, yeah you do x


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I found it out but how do you add props to your stories

(Background name) with (prop name)