How do you add sound?


I want to add sound but I don’t know how Can someone help me



Hope that helps!


Omg it’s so simple XD


Lol yeah!


I thought that maybe it was gonna be like when you add weather :joy::joy: i thought i would have to add it
To the background


Nah. :smile:


Thank you for your help :stuck_out_tongue:


Your welcome! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I would recommend checking out the Episode guides. If you go to your story on Writer’s portal, at the top of the page, it’ll give you options like my stories, art catalog, guides, FAQ, Community. Once you’re on guides, you can learn so much about directing and choices, as well as many other tips for your story. Or you can just search up “How to add sound on Episode interactive”. Problem solved ; ) Also, feel free to check out this video: and good luck with your story!