How do you add text to overlays?


This question is pretty self-explanatory, but I’ve seen a lot of people ask this (including me), and I’ve seen a lot of people who’ve done it, but I can’t seem to find anywhere where there is an explanation for how to do it. So please, tell me how to add text an overlay?


Episode diamonds know


if this is what you mean:

open a transparent background (if you need help on this theres a lot on yt/google), and click the text button and add your text. combine the layers and save it, it should be words on top of transparent-ness (idk what to call it) save it as a png file and it should work as an overlay. idk if this is exactly what you’re asking lol


Open photoshop or any editing app! Set the background to png (or tranparent) and than add your text and save is has image.png or name.png just always with the .png