How do you all like this story pitch?

Clue: Tensions of Time
Description: Luna Celeste, a not-so average half human half alien, from the year of 2319 gets transported to the year 2019. Will she be able to crack the case and make it back to 2319? Or will she be stuck in the past forever?

Plot: It’s the year 2319. We all live on mars. Humans and Aliens are united. How did we end up in mars you may ask? World war 3. World war three took place in 2031. With as powerful as weapons as we have we obliterated earth. Aliens, figured out a different kind exists. They managed to find and heal 1,500 people with their powers. They reproduced and finally, A special girl was created. Her name was Luna Celeste. She had different powers then everyone else. She could shapeshift, detect any object, she is immortal, and she could see into the future. An average half alien or even full alien could only possess the power of mind reading. Then on Lunas 18th birthday, she becomes queen of mars due to her amazing blessing (of powers lol) Then she learns about a lost planet. Babooth. Only issue is, no one ever dares to step foot on that planet. Last they heard? They found life that wasn’t alien life nor human life. Scariest part? Every time someone arrives their they stay their. Never to be heard of again. This was the one thing Luna couldn’t detect. Luna, intrigued, decides to take matters into her own hands and gets stuck on the planet. 3 years later at the age of 21 she arrives back at mars. Or is it mars? Nope! It’s earth. Oh did I mention it’s also the year 2019? Unless luna makes it back to 2319 in a year then she will be stuck in the past forever. Craziest part? No one will remember her if she doesn’t make it back. Will Luna be able to crack the case and make it back to 2319? Or will she be stuck in the past forever?

Here will be the story covers for the book:

Would you read this?

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I would based on the cover and the summary above

thx love

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