How do you censor innapropriate words?

one star is enough. If you want the wort to be unrecognisible that why to even write it there?:crazy_face::rofl::joy:

Yes, either example is fine as per Episode

Sure thats what I was thinking but I don’t know anymore!
Snyways yep my story got blocked cause I had @ and $ instead of *

What also is not clear to me can characters for example be both in bed nude with the censor bar or that is not alowed and they need to be in underwear?

Also are prck and moon curse words?

How long did it take for them tu unblock your story after you corrected what needed to be corrected?

I normally write them with a bunch of asterisks, question marks and at symbols. For example: a$@?*%!

You can read more here on censoring swear words: FAQ for Episode's Recently Updated Guidelines

@CoraMae has a post on this:

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Thx but still not clear if with * once or more times

Did they tell you why specifically?

I wrote @sshole and a$$
They wrote me which lines of my script i need to correct

Maybe change it to a**? Idk that’s what I do :joy:

I was in the big wave when all stories ware invisible after the new guidalines. So it was in bit different situation. I was waiting almost 2 months till my story was actually reviewed. Than I got info about one @ss I forgot to censor right… I wrote them that it was corrected and it I think took another 14days till my story wasback visible in n the app. But I am sure now it will be quicker. Episode was overwhelmed in that time with the reviews.

yeah as I say you cant use symbols which look similar to letters. *sshole should be OK I think

Omg I hope it won’t take that long :frowning:

And you never had them writing you to fix it?

No, they never wrote me and told me I needed to fix it. My story actually passed its review with them written that way.

Ok thx for answering

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Hey! Maybe you know what about word - sex?
Do I need to censor it?
Or It could be left on script as it is?
Thank you :pray: