How do you chage the character size?

I know how to do this so I made my character bigger and i copy and pasted the location and how big I want her to be but when i click preview it just keeps showing me my character being so small and in a different location then what i said my character to do

can you post your script?

sure sorry i replied so late


Delete the second line, it makes character go to default size


20%20PM this showed after i deleted the line, im like 99 percent sure this isnt part of me deleting that but how do yyou get rid of this? it doesnt let me save

Are you looking for them to go from normal size to bigger or just being in the one spot. Cause if normal to bigger you can try. @CHARATER enters from right to screen center
@CHARACTER spot 1.280 60 0 AND @CHARACTER walks to spot 1.367 74 17
Or if you just want them in that spot just type it in @ CHARACTER spot 1.367 74 17 AND CHARACTER starts idle_sit_anklescrossed_neutral_loop AND CHARACTER faces right.

I hope this helps. That is kind of what I’m understanding from your question!

This error message means you need to log out then back in again. Copy and paste any changes you’ve made since you last saved your script.

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