How do you change a characters name temporarily mid scene?

So here’s what I am trying to do…

Borina enters this alley on her way to school…
Finds someone injured and stops to help them despite knowing she would be late…
Then the stranger they help stands up and removes her cloak to reveal a guardian Angel… I need to find a way to have the guardian angels name start as “Injured” and then to “Guardian Helena”

Create a duplicate character : )

Have one named Injured and the other named Guardian Helena and switch between them : )

I know that’s what I would do ^^

I thought about it… But I want it to be smooth… :T

It can still be smooth, you just need to try & test it out : )

I practiced with it before and there weren’t any weird pauses for me :wink:

Check this out for future references: Hack for Creating Duplicate Characters! and HOW TO: Remember Past Choices (if/elif/else)

You can also use a choice name and option method to name her :thinking:

If you use this method, then you can write something in your script like:

Who is she…?

choice (INJURED)
“Guardian Helena” {

INJURED (talk_greet)
My name is Helena.


Bla bla bla…

P.S, this is just an example

This just means her name INJURED would become GUARDIAN HELENA if you input this choice into your story and by the way, your choice can totally have different dialogue, it’s your decision : )

But she ISN’T a main character… The injured person is the reason why BORINA got bonded to her gemstone and IS a main character…

Basically 10 descendants of the creators of the universes, Unlock the power within magical stones that belonged to their ancestors… Borina is the descendant of the creator of Healing remedies… Kinda like a background to HOW they got their gems…

No idea what you just wrote… :sweat_smile:

Anyways, good luck, I hope everything works out for you xoxo

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Duplicate characters with different names is the best option so you don’t mess up anything