How do you change someone hair?

Soooooo I’m trying to change my character’s hair without making a new one, how do I do that?

@CHARACTER changes hair into hair type

ok thx!

You can also use the preview command

@YOU previews Feature NAME

@YOU unpreviews Feature NAME

Feature NAME stands for=

bodyColor NAME

eyebrows NAME

eyebrowsColor NAME

hair NAME

hairColor NAME

eyes NAME

eyesColor NAME

face NAME

nose NAME

mouth NAME

mouthColor NAME

outfit NAME

I hope this helps💕

What does that do


It makes the character change into a specific feature until you change it back

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It also helps if you let the readers cc or choose an outfit but temporarily need them to wear lets say a uniform for work, it can help you change the outfit back what they originally chose after.

I hope this helps💕

You can see more here👇🏼

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