How do you change the hairstyle on a character

How do you change the hairstyle on a character without using am template

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@CHARACTER changes hair into Hairstyle Name

This code changes the hair permanently.

If you only need to change the hairstyle for a scene and then change it back to the original, use:

@CHARACTER previews hair Hairstyle Name
@CHARACTER unpreviews hair Hairstyle Name


Do i do the same thing for lip colours and eyes colours as well

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@CHARACTER changes bodyColor into Color
@CHARACTER changes eyebrows into Shape
@CHARACTER changes eyebrowsColor into Color
@CHARACTER changes hair into Hairstyle
@CHARACTER changes hairColor into Color
@CHARACTER changes eyes into Shape
@CHARACTER changes eyesColor into Color
@CHARACTER changes face into Shape
@CHARACTER changes nose into Shape
@CHARACTER changes mouth into Shape
@CHARACTER changes mouthColor into Color

@CHARACTER previews [feature] Color/Shape/Hairstyle
@CHARACTER unpreviews [feature] Color/Shape/Hairstyle


Am getting an error

The names are case sensitive, you’ll need to put Sleek Ponytail


Thanks it worked

It had just worked now it’s not working sigh

You cannot change a color into a color. The command is
@CHARACTER changes mouthColor into Color Name

Remove the period at the end of Ponytail

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And errors just keep coming in

Check the portal for the correct names.

High Wavy Pony Tail Over Shoulder Solid

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It worked thank you

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