How do you change your username?

How can I change my username?

I mean, my username is great and all, (it REALLY is!) buuuuut… Yeah. I have a BETTER idea.

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You can’t. This is an available option only when you didn’t create a post, reply to someone else or make something that people could see your profile. SO NO, you can’t change your profile name!

Yeah man I’m sorry I had the same thing. I loveeeeeeee my old one but come on…this one is amazing, but yeah I had to make another account, or I think you can PM the moderators.

If you have more than one account, is a violation of the guidelines…:confused:

The WHAT-erwhaters?

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I don’t use the other one no worries.

Like Jermey and I think Cindy now.

What about Peanut Butter?

No I don’t think so. But I know you can’t have two accounts and all because that’s against the ruleios.

Oh… I just checked… It was actually Justin Bieber. I mean, Jerome. I mean, Jermany. (It’s actually Germany. Geez.) I mean Jeremy.

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Jeromy? (Jeh-ro-meey) Where are yee?

Just PM him and tag him in it asking to.

Sent it! I call it “Change My Name” By Banana Knowles

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(I kiiiiiiiinda messed up his name though…)

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He’s cool I’m sure he won’t mind.


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As in…
“J… J… Jer… Oomy.” - Blue_dommednana

MWAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!! :smiling_imp:
He’ll get what’s coming to him… They all will…

Awkwardly walks backward while tripping over my feet.