How do you change your username?

Hey @Chocolate_Father, let’s just pretend that I was nicer than I was in that PM, Okay?

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OKAY??? Do I make myself CLEAR?

Yeppers man alsooooo I’m mama not father :joy:

Baby then.


I changed mine on the old forums. I submitted a support ticket here.

I didn’t really understand the submission.

I did it on the new forums, my name used to be cam oakley. I submitted a ticket and received and sent a few emails and it worked

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Cindy’s a mod?

Yeah I think so.

@Cindy ? isn’t she just a normal user? she has like an art thread and stuff lol

I have no idea honestly I just heard of the new moderator.

Were you able to change your name?


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If you want it done you have to messgae the moderators

Okay, I’ve messaged @Sydney_H but she hasn’t responded yet. Are there any other mods I can contact for a speedy response? I kinda want it done now. #impatient

The problem is even if they do answer quickly they will ask you to fill out a ticket asking for your new name and this will take a couple of days to sort out.

Username maximum of leters is 20