How do you choose names?

When it comes to deciding on names for your characters, how do you do it? Do you chose a name of someone that you know and jump right into the story? Or do you do some research on a set amount of names until you make up your mind?

Share your ideas below and I’ll share mine too!

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Hi @WhereisHannaa! Basically, I kind of search up cool or pretty names, depending on how your character will act. Sometimes, you can decide on names based off of the people from your school. Any names that they have that you like? I hope this helps!

I go to because they have a ton of names on there and you can choose what kind of name you character(s) can have.

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I look up baby names. But the main character of my story, Freakish, actually has my middle name as her first name. I don’t choose names from people I know because it’s kinda weird.

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I think about their personalities and I either just make up random crap or I go on baby name sites and pick what I sound is right. I try not to pick boring names like “Ryan” or “Jessica”



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Oh omg hahaha, I’m sorry Ryan. I didn’t see you there :persevere:


For some characters, I pick a name that fits their personality or their looks.

For others, I use the name of the person the character is based on, or a similar-sounding name.

Some of these methods are so similar to mine!

What I do is I research any specific names on the website Behind the Name looking specifically for names that define my character (there is a nifty tool on the site that I like to use where you can search by definition).

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