How do you choose which stories to read?

So, I’m curious :nerd_face:
When you just finished a story and is about to read a new one, how do you know which one to pick?
Do you choose because of the cover, because it’s recommended by Episode or by other fans or do you search for certain keywords?

Let me know how you pick out a story :thinking:


Hello :grin:

Personally, I choose stories mostly because of their descriptions. I think they tell you a lot about both the story and its author. If the description is catchy, at least I give it a read and then decide if it’s my type of story of not.

Other thing that counts are covers. Just like the description, it tells you something about the story, whether it’s the characters, poses, object or colors (e.g. black/white/grey covers in stories in thriller or horror section).

Sometimes I choose stories because of their recommendations but most of the time, I trust my instincts :smile:


At the moment I have to scroll through the trending section for way too long to find something new and interesting to read so I usually get my recommendations from other authors/users on instagram.

When I come across stories in the app I check if the description sounds interesting and after that I check the fanmail to see what people are saying there. I have avoided starting many stories that focus on things I’m not interested in.


I pick based on who’s recommending it. There’s just a certain level of trust I have with certain people in the community and I know they wouldn’t be reading something if it was sucky, you know? So I go from that


Description ? Yes , cover? Totally that’s how mostly I choose stories . If the description sounds mysterious or comedy ,you got me :upside_down_face: but if it is sounds like the common bad boy story I will pass.
Also promote your story section is one where you can find some good stories.
And last but not least - I choose most of the stories by review thread after reading review of that story
Some review thread are great for it -

like Amberose live thoughts on your story and cookies uncessored reviews

if you stalk these thread you will find loads of cool stories to read


Recs & I look through my fav author’s favs

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First, I see if it has any of the “UGH” titles such as having bad boy, pregnant by, kidnapped by, etc. in the title. I skip those. Then, I look at the cover. The interesting ones tend to catch my eye more often than not. Then I read the description. If all three are viable, I give it a shot for at least a chapter.

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1 ) I read the stories of people who are my best friends. I got my all of my friends’ backs :sunglasses:
2 ) I will read the stories of people who showed me lots of kindness over a time period
3) I sometimes end up reading stories of people whom I admire
4) I try to read what my friend’s recommend
5 ) Sometimes I’ll ask for story recommendations and check them out

Warning though, some people may betray you, I’ve had this happen when I supported an (ex) friend’s story :sweat_smile: HOWEVER you’ll meet some wonderful people as well!

Honestly, I’m that person who doesn’t pay much attention to how amazing a description sounds or how detailed the cover looks or how breath taking the directing is.

And I used to read every story a person on IG would message me, but most of them just did it for reads, using me. I stopped doing this because it was negatively affecting my emotional well being. It was really hard for me to say no to these people because I didn’t want to upset them, even if their intention was to upset me :confounded:

Anyways, all in all, I don’t read that much these days on Episode but when I do, it’s either a friend’s story, a suggestion when I asked for one, or a story gem that is underrated and doesn’t have many reads.


I will choose for the cover and the description if those are good then I will read it

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i type in smallauthors and read them

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I like go on my Instagram and look at the stories the people I follow make, if they look interesting I read them. I also look at the descriptions and covers, if I find them attractive I check it out

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Pretty covers do attract me, I’ll admit. Though they say you should never judge a book by its cover …
Also, I never start a story without reading the description first. What I look for in a description is creativity and instant excitement (and good grammar - so sorry, but a story is off limits for me if there’s already spelling errors in the description).

Also, I tend to check out the forums and if there’s someone that I trust who’s recommending a story, I’m more likely to have a look at it.
@amberose’s threads about stories that would fit certain shelves is a great place for me to find new stories to read as well.


Normally I look for other stories by the authors of my favourite stories or look at the descriptions of their recommended stories


I look for stories that have low reads or small authors

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I simply start reading what sounds promising and has decent grammar and punctuation. I pay little to no attention to covers. Those that are good get praised, obviously, but I just do not particularly care about them; never did.

Anyway, to be frank, I hardly ever finish choosing a story right away because I have come across many of them that eventually became a clusterfuck. despite sounding and looking interesting. So even if I “choose” which one to start reading, I usually end up not finishing them because the author ruins everything in an unforgivable manner. I mean, the first, second, and perhaps even the third episodes may be amazing, but then the story takes a very negative 180 degree turn and I am gone.

It is as if my choice had two stages: giving the story a shot, then deciding whether to keep reading or not as the story unfolds.

So I guess my definite answer is that I choose based on constant, acceptable quality or the lack thereof, which cannot be an instant choice… if that makes sense.


A nice cover art will 100% grab my attention, but I believe the description is what matters MOST when choosing which stories to try out. I also like to look at my favorite authors recommendations & choose from there.


:thinking: How does that work? :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s all pretty much by recommendations these days. I just hate browsing the actual app. (Equal parts because I’m lazy and I just never generally find anything I like. lol) There are tons of people I follow on Instagram that are fantastic at finding hidden gems and recommending them and I’ll usually go off of their selections and by what I read on the stories descriptions.

There’s also people on the forums here I’ve stalked a little (this is going to sound creepy no matter how I phrase this lol) whose taste are similar to mine and when they suggest something, I’m known to check it out.

Usually, if it’s anything to deal with adventure, fantasy, or sci-fi, it’s going to spark my interest immediately. I even like quite a bit of comedy.

However, and this is really bad of me, but typically anything I see labelled in the drama genre I avoid like the plague and click away form. It’s just not the genre for me. I also avoid a lot of action these days because the moment I spot the word ‘gang’ in a description, that also keeps me from choosing a story. There’s, of course, a whole list of key words that will keep me from checking out a story as well.

While covers don’t attract me or detract me, they will make my eyebrow raise depending on how… risque it looks. I immediately become wary and believe it’s not my kind of story depending on how bad it is.

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I like o go through the categories and just based on the cover/story title/description I add them to my favourite then read them trough them and keep the ones I like :smile:

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After I read your post, I tried to type that, but I only got about 20 stories or so, am I doing something wrong?

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