How do you code advanced Tappable overlays to read in the story?

I have been attempting to create the coding necessary to have the reader “Tap” on a letter. When the letter is selected, it zooms in so that you can read the actual letter. And if you need more time to read the letter , it gives the reader the option to continue reading. Are there any tutorials available that I can watch to learn how to do this? This “tappable” overlay option is needed for a scene that I am creating for my story. Any help , guidance or directions are welcomed and greatly appreciated !

Thank you!!!

tappables are like normal choice you just use word tappable instead the the choice and the name of the choice is the name of the overlay

#here create your tappable overlay and shift and scale it in desired position and put it on layer
#here you write what will happen after the tapp -the zooming atc…

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This sounds very easy… and I know that some kinda way I am going to make it complicated!!! :rofl:

Thank you so much for responding… I will try it out, and I will come back and tell you how it went!!!

Yes!!! It worked!!! It took me forever to get it right, but it absolutely worked!!!

I am creating more advanced overlays that go beyond the "obvious " tapping on a mobile device. Gives the story more of a multi-dimensional aspect to it. Thanks though. :confused:

Not quite. I am actually talking specifically about creating more options so that the reader may be more engaged within the story.

Your post has nothing to do with the topic whatsoever. :unamused:

they’re trolling. just ignore them.

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