How do you correctly write a story with sensitive topics?

In the story I’m writing, the main character is anorexic. However, I don’t want to end up offending or upsetting anyone. At the start, I will say this story contains sensitive themes like anorexia but I just want to know other peoples opinions on how to write it properly. I’ve seen other people write sensitive stories and receive backlash on how its written and I don’t want that to happen. Can anybody give me tips/give me insight on how to properly portray an anorexic character?


Well what exactly do u want to know?

Theres a lot to being anorexic

Do a lot of research. Gather experiences.


Yeah, one thing is, don’t portray it as something good, don’t romanticize it, make sure that it is known that having Anorexia is bad and should not be portrayed as something good in any way! Like don’t make it like the girl used to be fat and now she’s skinny because she has Anorexia and everyone loves her now. Because that’s just basically saying it’s okay to have Anorexia. I encourage you to do some research on Anorexia and how it affects people before you start writing.


I mean i dont want to start an argument but im on the verge of anorexia and i dont see whats wrong with it

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I have an anorexic friend, and I have done my fair share of research. Feel free to PM for some of her personal feelings on it, and what I have researched. :slight_smile:


(You can pm me) Basically, I want to know how to write about someone anorexic. I figured there would be a lot to it so here’s some basic information about my main character.

Aria, my main character, is a 15 year old gymnast who wants to make it to the olympics. But her coach is overbearing and basically a toxic and bad coach who pushes her to have lose weight and be “perfect”. As a result she becomes anorexic. Obviously theres more to her anorexia and the story thats just a summary of why she is anorexic if that makes sense?


Well, I see @StoryWriter10 point. In the guidelines, you are not supposed to encourage.

But losing weight does happen through this. Just make sure to not make it a good thing this occurred.


Well ill right it from personal experience. I’ll pm it to u

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I’m sorry if I offended you, maybe my wording was wrong. I’ll delete my comment, idk how to explain it without you feeling offended, I meant like, it shouldn’t be romantized or encouraged.

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No no u didnt offend me at all

Okay, good. :grin:

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Losing too much weight can be dangerous, just like gaining too much.

Now I see the summary it looks like it isn’t for popularity. So you are good on that side. Would the story end with her fighting it?


I was just curious why some people think its bad. I mean for other people sure. But not for me atleast

In my story thats not what I’m trying to say. Basically, she wants to acheive her dream of being in the olympics but doesn’t realise anorexia won’t make her a better gymnast. I don’t want it to sound like anorexia is a bad or good thing but something that in her situation won’t help her. Sorry if it sounded like that :sweat_smile:


ahhhhh Can I PM you and help?

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Yeah. I thought if she didn’t it would ruin the point of the story.

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Yesss! Thanks

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