How Do You Create Your Covers?

Hi guys, I hope you’re all doing well & I hope I’m in the right topic! I’m getting back into story writing as I fell off the bandwagon back in 2018, I’ve made my first story invisible so others can’t see it. I do have one question though;

How do y’all make your covers? They look fantastic! I’d like to know what editors you guys use etc :heart:

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how to edit one

If you think about the drawn ones. then years of practice art.

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the best and most creative way possible:
commission artist AHAHAHAH

yeah i lack the talent a person needs to have when it comes to creating a cover for my story so i just look for great artist via instagram who are opened to commissions.

if that’s something your interested in i have some recommendations


Thank you so much!

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Oooh thank you! How much do they normally charge for commissions?

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depending on the artist princes are generally very varied, length of commission, people, extra anatomy adds onto prices. maybe try explaining to me what your after in pm and i can help you find an artist that can provide you with a piece of art you’ll love with a fitting price for you budget

You can commission or you can also request for free, actually I know few artists who makes free covers at the time even better than some Artists that takes money. You just need to search and find the style you want :slightly_smiling_face: Also I know few really really good commission artist who don’t take much :slightly_smiling_face:

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Could you recommend me to the people who do free commissions? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: (I’m a bit too poor atm)

Free commissions are called requests. There are art shops on forums and groups on Instagram who do them. I could really recommend dribbles.episode on Instagram, because she’s taking requests at the time and her art is really beautiful :slight_smile: And she draws Ink and Limelight :slightly_smiling_face:

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I can! Depending if ink or limelight! I can give you examples, but I usually do ink :/. ink is what I’m best in :joy:

Oh, shoot. I just realized I’m a long whiles to late :joy: