How do you deal with info-dumping?

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So my story has ALOT of backstory to cover and I was wondering how I can handle it without it being boring?

Should I just give a paragraph worth of explanations each episode? Should I have the characters talk about the backstory? Should I leave things a mystery until going into the middle of the story?

Should I just give a full explanation of the backstory in this topic to help illustrate the issue?

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My suggestion is to not only tell the backstory, but show it. Show little scenes so from your backstory as you narrate. But don’t dump to much at once, either. And the scenes don’t have to be actual characters moving around. It could be panning across a background or picture. I hoped that helped.


Yes, use flashblacks instead of describing what happened, but don’t show everything at once in the first chapter. Leave some hints on the most interesting parts that has impact on the story and let the reader guess what is the causal link in between. Like this your story won’t get boring, but will keep the reader engaged.

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