How do you deal with stress?

Hello. Lately I’ve been very stressed due to multiple reasons, my health and my cats emergency that happened yesterday. The cat is getting better so I’m also feeling better cause of it.

I’m the type of person who can and will overreact :sweat_smile: like I will start shaking a bit, being very cold and I do think of the worst that can happen in any situation. I’m usually drinking some warm tea, especially herbal ones to calm the nerves. Mostly doing it as I’m getting ice cold. Or I will talk to my parents on the phone as simply talking to somebody on the phone makes me feel like I’m not alone.
I’m thinking of doing yoga or meditation. However I have never tried it as I’m too scared to stay alone with my thoughts<_<
Nor do I have friends (yes, sounds sad and depressing) to talk to about this therefore I call parents
Therefore I’m really interested in your “tips and tricks” how you deal with stress, no matter if it’s school/uni exams, family issues, health issues and more.
MAYBE any cool/funny/positive movies to watch?? As it helps to get distracted (not fan of series tho as I never have time for it xd)


my stress is not as bad as yours to where i’m shaking but when i’m stressed i’ll just listen to music or do things that make me happy :slightly_smiling_face:

Thx. Never listened to music however might be helpful to combine it with yoga❤️ and yeah that’s like my most stressful behavior

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Honestly the first thing I do is pray. After that, it’s like okay God heard me so He’ll take care of me & keep me calm while these emotions pass/while I’m struggling in a situation. I also love watching movies. (hope this helps!)


Usually when I’m stressed and/or high on my emotions, I write. Writing is my goto. Whether it has to do with the situation or something completely off topic. That’s always my first pick. If not that I’ll watch movies, I love watching movies as well it helps ease the mind and focus on other things!

  • deep breaths and meditation - it’s a good start, but it really depends on your anxiety level
  • relaxation music, I can suggest playlists or loops like:
    Usually, if you like rain, those rain-type music will calm you quicker or just let you empty your mind
  • cannabis tea mixed with herbals without thc, it’s very helpful (doesn’t taste that bad)
  • you can also ask at the pharmacy for herbal pills; they work for some people

As someone who suffers from three different mental health issues and lives with them on a daily basis, I can honestly say that for every person, different things work, and it really depends on the level of your state at this point or moment. If your state gets worse, try to talk to a specialist. Anxiety or nervousness due to stress can be dangerous for your health, especially if it has a deeper cause.

I hope you’ll feel better soon. :hugs:

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That is interesting. I’m not religious myself however maybe thinking of god and sort of praying cause idk how to will also help for somebody who isn’t religious as sometimes we feel better whenever we do something and we don’t know if it works or not but we know we’ve done it all!

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I do Deep breathing however I feel like it doesn’t help, I might be doing it for a lil amount of time as in stress I can’t count time clearly. Will use watch next time xd

I’m probably not going to be the most helpful because whenever I get seriously stressed or emotional I tend to just feel it out then make light of it and move on. So things that make me feel better when I’m like that are focusing on an overall happier mindset, which sounds mediative but I would feel ridiculous meditating so to me that’s listening to “happy” music and media or spending time doing things with my family or friends. Especially when you do overthink and get involved in discussions about the state of the world. One year I was very invested in the news and was way more stressed and unhappy, considering all the hyperbolic doomsday rhetoric around everything. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend ignoring your emotions but sometimes having random distracting conversations with people can break me out of a mood. Like I remember arguing about something with a friend that eventually split off into who had more keyboards, and thus, more W’s. And back to the first thing I said… it’s very difficult for me to stay upset over something because I will cheer myself up by making jokes or thinking about something positive that someone else said to me, I’ll be mad at someone and they can just make a stupid face and I’ll start smiling again. I do agree with writing feelings down whether it’s poetry or living through a character or just free writing in general. I’ve done it before and besides feeling vindicated it also gives me lines to use in the future if I ever want to.

Also, I think finding what really makes you happy is key. I absolutely love interacting with people (as long as I’m not in my default awkward state, haha.) so I know if I’m upset I can do something with family/friends or participate in a community like this!

By the way, I’m glad your cat feels better! I have tons of pets and definitely know the feeling of losing them. Are they getting any special treats afterwards? My dog has a bit of an issue a little bit ago and he was super spoiled. Unfortunately for him, he’s back into doggy food only lol.

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Whenever I’m stressed I go on a long walk to cool down and it actually really helps, as well as helping me to exercise more often


When I am stressed out I usally listen to music, I watch this channel on youtube called Beta Squad If ykyk :face_holding_back_tears: :heart_hands: their content is so good and funny it would make you forget what you are stress out lol.

Colouring, Drawing and going for walks while listening to music helps as well :two_hearts:


It’s so hard for me to focus on positivity however I will try to. As it is important because it doesn’t only reduces the stress but also helps to focus more and stops the panic feeling.

And thx about the cat! He is still recovering as he spent half the day at the vet clinic. He hates vets overall. However is feeling better as I can tell by his behavior! He is 8yo Maincoon and it’s the first time he got suddenly sick, even started to breathe with his mouth (I’ve noticed him behaving weirdly like 20 mins before that) the vet doesn’t know if he got stung by smth (nor do we as we live in a flat so he can’t get stung as he is only in the flat and never got stung before, might be tho. Or it might be problems Of going to the toilet (which he never had before too) not sleeping second night as I’m always checking his nose for temperature as it did rise when he started behaving weirdly

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If it wasn’t for me looking out for my pet I would 100% take that advice. Light workouts or walks do help coping with stress however never walked even tho I workout daily so it does help. Didn’t workout last 2 days due to me not being able to sleep well so don’t want to stress my body besides my head xd

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I’ve been super stressed, and very sad, my dog died 3wks ago, was very sudden, he wasn’t even 5…
I’ve suffered anxiety for years. I stay up late as I can’t sleep, too many thoughts etc…
I try to distract myself from thoughts and stress feelings , I watch a lot of YouTube reactions to Kpop group monstaX…. I read episode , or watch Netflix…
distract yourself , you can exercise, go for a walk, listen to music, whatever works.
Learn breathing techniques… I started Pilates this week too.
And sometimes you need to confront the reasons you’re stressed, or it won’t go-
try one thing to make yourself feel better…try positive thinking too, if you tell yourself your sad, stressed, etc, then you’ll feel even worse. I am an over thinker and worrier too, replay stuff in my head.
Not sleeping well make stress, anxiety worse too.,so try to get a good nights sleep too.

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Aww. I’m glad his behavior is getting better. I’ve had pets get sick or have issues so suddenly before so I definitely get watching their every move like a hawk. You really never know with them and the things they can get into, I’m almost a 100% sure that the cause of my dog’s issue was because he decided an extension cord looked tasty. :woman_facepalming:t3:

I recently took my new puppies to the vet and 2/3 of them pooped after getting their shots. I felt so bad for the vets! :joy:

Putting on my favorite cheerful songs or watching a show I enjoy helps me get in a better mood. That and revisiting some of the things I listened/watched a lot in my childhood. Drawing or sudoku / solitaire / crosswords can make me forget a lot of stress too!

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I’m very sorry to hear it. I had a pet rat and we had such a strong bond, however I needed to move away to another country so he was left with my uncle (who took great care of him and he was the one to gift the pet to me) however after half a year my uncle put him to sleep as the rat got cancer.
It will get better. I’m just now thinking that he was happy all his life and didn’t die due to cancer. Ofc it is easy to write that it all will get better however when I lost him I felt broken, the time heals as cliche as it is. All of our pets will be looking after us from the above :heart:

The List of Stress Relief
  • Painting,
  • creating a background,
  • cranking music up loud and dancing like no one is watching,
  • write poetry to get any negative thoughts out - yes, my poems are on the darker side but sometimes just getting those thoughts out and in front of you can help deal with them,
  • I read books - physical books, something I can hold in my hands and focus on,
  • running,
  • watching mindless reels/tiktok videos (I don’t use tiktok but videos from there are shared on other social media),
  • True Crime youtube channels, weird but people like Bailey Sarian have such interesting storytelling (plus she does makeup so you get to watch her do makeup and talk about crime cases from the past).
    & Yoga is great as it focuses you in on your breathing and is quite calming-- there are tons of beginner yoga sequences and apps/videos to learn from. :slight_smile:
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Thankyou. I lost my mum and my other 2 dogs in an
18 month period too. . Losing my boy recently just hit really hard on top of all that… I know time will heal me., it’s natural to grieve. I hope you start to feel better soon too xx


Thank you! Wish u the best too​:heart::heart::heart:

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My stress relief is with music, its such a pleasure and with the digital age now with alexa and smart speakers it is a delight to enjoy the music with the most comfort . Music is magic.