How Do You Delete or Change A Outfit Name That You Created


OK On The Image Yall See Above I Created A Outfit and Choose The Name But Now I Want To Delete Or Change The Name But How Do I Do It


You cannot change the name. Sorry.


Can You Delete The Outfit


Yep! Unless it’s a default outfit. You’ll have to change the character wearing that outfit into another one before you can delete.


You can delete the outfit if you take the character out of the script. Remove the character from the script so that way, when you go and edit the outfit, you can delete the outfit, remake it or change it, and rename it again.


how did you name it undercover please help me
i have created a new look i want it to save a Andrea_Chic but i can’t see how to name it like this


u have to create a new outfit and then you can choose whatever name u want


You See Where It Says Script Name OK That’s Were You Name The Outfit