How do you do character development?

Hi! I’ve been in this community for a really long time and am eager to start planning my own story. I’m struggling with character development as I want each character to be unique - not similar, vague and repetitive. Anyone have any tips?


Think of how you would imagine them being. My story is about two super awkward teens who like each other but are two awkward to really notice or just be blunt. They have their is serious… the reason behind things, one is a a**, one is obsessed with food and is a dork, one is over protective, and one is as blunt as they come. I kinda winged it but it works out. I wrote a list of traits before starting

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Similar to above, I like characters who are so distinct from each other that their personalities really stand out. For example, I’ve seen stories where all the main cast is really sassy. While sassiness is not a negative trait, since everyone has it the sassiness is a bit boring and repetitive.

In my stories (and roleplays hehe) I use some of ‘filler scenes’ or ‘fluff scenes’ or ‘obstacles’ that don’t progress the story in anyway (usually) and those help plot development.

In my terms, Filler scenes are like choices that don’t matter? Pretty much the scene was just to take up lines. An example is going dress shopping and you end up buying all the dresses because the author doesn’t know how to remember choices. Fluff scenes would be like scenes that are filled with too much information. Obstacles are like to do X you have to do XYZ first.

Example - Obstacles / Fluff Scene

Like, maybe two girls are going to a party. Instead of having them meet each other at the party, the MC goes to pick her best friend up. If I was writing this scene, I’d have the two of them talk about something that relates to their personalities. Maybe the MC is overprotective and is telling her friend to get her own drinks, don’t walk outside alone and check their phone every 30 minutes. Maybe the best friend assures the MC that they will be fine, nothing will go wrong, nothing has gone wrong at every other party.

By adding an extra scene or so, the reader has learned. A) The MC is over protective B) Best Friend is Casual. C) MC is still unsure about parties though has been to many. D) They go to parties alot.


You might find some cool tips here: What is the best way to make readers emotionally attached to characters?

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Thank you so much!

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Thank you! There are some helpful tips :smiley: