How do you do that?!


I really love writing, coding but the problem starts when I start loosing focus on my studies, especially in lockdown…

I am too confuse about what should I do, this 4years are important for me yet I cant live without writing cause it’s the best way I can talk without getting interrupted.(someone’s quote which kind of narrates my situation)

I cant just quit writing and focus on studies It’s what gives me pleasure, makes my mind relax…

Do you feel the same?
Feel free to suggest your thoughts.


I have been in the same situation. I love writing too but my studies are also really important to me. I recommend setting a certain amount of time for writing and studying. Make a plan to get a certain amount of work done, then create space for writing.
Like 30 mins - an hour and 30 mins - an hour of writing or something like that.


Yes! I’m the same, except with work.
Writing is my passion, even if it does sometimes cause a huge amount of frustration. I actually want to be a published author, using Episode to develop my ideas and readership (plus it’s fun and relaxing). Writing is an escape.

However, as much as we hate it, with any passion or interest, school and work responsibilities have to come first no matter what.

I agree with FeeneyK0405 in that maybe setting aside some time can help you have the both of best worlds. I’d even go so far as to suggest maybe setting aside that time as a reward. For example, if you complete X amount of assignments/ homework/ study, then and only then you can write. It’ll take some time to stick to, but if you get in a routine you will feel a lot more relaxed. Also keep in mind that that writing time will mean you won’t be doing any school work, so if you don’t end up writing or have to do something else, you won’t feel as though you’ve wasted it or guilty that you didn’t do school work because you know you wouldn’t have been doing work in that time anyway (if that makes sense).

I’d also advise not giving yourself writing deadlines, eg entering contests, etc, at least in these next four years (unless you’re on holidays or are above your work and have plenty of spare time). Maybe it’s just me personally, but having a deadline becomes more stressful and sometimes leads to pushing aside important work just to get a story written, where as if I’m just writing without any specific deadline, there’s not that inner urgency that I MUST write (even if it’s a subconscious need and I tell myself I just want to write).

Finally, I’d also say, let your imagination run wild. I don’t know about your school system or curriculum, but developing your writing skills is always a positive thing. Maybe in English classes or even extending it to other creative projects in classes, you can use your ideas and new skills to maybe get an A. Use your writing to your advantage when you can :slight_smile:

I hope that helps. I understand exactly where you’re coming from, so this advice is simply what I’m using myself to manage things. All the very best with your writing and school :slight_smile:


Thanks, I will try to maintain a time limit.

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Ofc, that makes sense.

My grades on English are higher than before and I don’t need to study English as much as I used to.


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What I do is spend 6 hours studying and then 6 hours writing.

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I also manage to do the same thing you do when I have an unequal balance of focus on writing and studies. Breaks can really help a lot, but it also makes you feel bored with nothing to do once you finish up studies.

I say manage to complete majority of your studies and work first, then write! Additionally, maybe focus some hours (or days) specifically for writing such as vacation or weekends ^^

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Okay, I will keep it in mind.

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Me, a person whose attention span has been destroyed by covid: Relatable…sometimes, homework is just not interesting! There are at least two things I should be doing right now.

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