How do you do this effect with the background?


Just wondering if anyone knows how to do the background effect in the end of the first episode of To Love Again? Where Crystal Faints? Someone else asked how to do it and she said it’s magic. Does anyone know how to do it? It’s hard to explain the effect so please read the first episode which is free of to love again. Thanks and I hope someone knows how to do the effect.

It took me a while but what you have to do is turn the background into a png then upload it as an overlay. You want to lower the opacity down to 0 until you want to do the effect. Then you shift it around using the & command. To get the similar “the world is shaking” effect you want to use 2 overlays of the background and shift them at the same time.

I know it’s a little confusing. Let me know and I’ll try and explain it better.

It does sound confusing. Could you help me code it or give me a template? Thanks.

It won’t work like that. You have to make the background you are using unto a png and then upload it as an overlay.

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How do you shift it?

Let me break this down.


1.) Turn the background you are using into a png (just search “jpg to png converter” on Google)

2.) Save the png version of your background to your computer.

3.) Go into the writer’s portal and upload the png version of your background as an overlay

4.) Do this twice. Upload the same background as an overlay twice.

5.) When writing the scene get your overlays in position and change the opacity to 0
@OVERLAY opacity 0 in 0

6.) When the time comes to do the effect turn the opacity up a tad
@OVERLAY opacity .2 in 1

7.) THEN shift your overlays side to side to do the double vision effect.

That’s it! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

The command is:

@OVERLAY shifts to # # in (time)

So it your line would look something like:

@OVERLAY BACKGROUND shifts to 106 125 in .5 AND OVERLAY BACKGROUND opacity .2 in 1

^those are random numbers

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